A brief introduction


I’m a 26 year old Civil engineer working for an engineering and construction firm in the Midwest.

-I graduated in 2010 with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, from the University of Illinois.

– Due to being too focused on my social life, and immaturity in general, I only have a GPA of 3.0. I averaged about a 3.4 in my heavy quant classes, but struggled and slacked off majorly in some of my electives in the humanities.

– I took the GMAT once, in 2013, and scored a 740 (49Q, 42V).

-I come from a fairly unique background (construction management) – at least from a B-school perspective. I also spent a significant amount of time growing up abroad, which has allowed me to develop a fairly unique and global perspective.

– In my current role, I lead collaborative teams of architects and engineers to construct buildings for real estate developers. My immediate post MBA goal is to work as a development associate at a global real estate development firm like Tishman Speyer. As a development associate, I will evaluate the financial feasibility and ROI of potential land development, procure appropriate funding from banks or the capital markets, meet with city and zoning officials and then hire a team of architects, engineers and construction experts to construct the property.

– My long-term goal is to lead a real estate development and investment firm in India with a focus on sustainable and green development. My passion for and experience in green design and construction, complemented by my MBA will allow me to implement this vision in a country with a burgeoning middle class with rapidly growing metropolises. India’s population growth, mass migration from villages to cities and relative dearth of natural resources only heighten the importance of growing cities’ sustainably.

MBA Programs:

1. I have already turned in R1 apps to Kellogg, Booth, and Cornell. I am currently working on and targeting Duke and UCLA round 1 deadlines that are due in the next 2 weeks.

This blog will document my journey to Business school, and also serve as a cathartic tool for me. I realize that I’m starting this blog pretty late in the admissions process, but I am going to upload my journal entries from the past year (including GMAT, school selection and prior applications).

To any other MBA applicants, good luck, and as Narendra Modi just said – May the force be with you


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