UCLA Visit


This past weekend, I flew out to LA to enjoy some warm weather, hang out with a few friends, and most importantly visit UCLA. We’ve had a very cold fall in Chicago so far, so Los Angeles was a welcome respite. It was in the 20’s when my plane took off from Chicago on Friday, and 85 when I landed at LAX 4 hours later. The wonders of modern travel.

UCLA first came up on my radar when I attended their info session here in Chicago a few months ago. I loved the Adcom’s presentation, and their alumni were very friendly. They’ve got a strong Real Estate Program, and the SoCal area is obviously a massive real estate market. LA’s glorious weather, and the fact that I’d have the chance to live in Santa Monica (which is freaking awesome) during B-school is a huge bonus.

When I stepped onto UCLA’s campus, I was stunned by the architecture and greenery on campus. Considering that its an urban campus, there’s an impressive amount of space between buildings where students could sit and read on the grass between classes. The Anderson building itself is also great. They’ve got a top notch facility there, and after sitting in on a class, I can firmly say that they’ve got some top notch faculty as well. I hung out at the Anderson cafe for a while, and had coffee with two current students. They were both raving fans of the school, and only reenforced my belief that I’d fit great with anderson’s community and culture. I only wish I had applied in Round 1!AwesomeRennerGif


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