Cornell campus visit and interview


On Sunday, I flew out to visit Cornell. I decided to actually fly into Rochester, and then rent a car to get down to Ithaca Sunday night. This would allow me to be well rested for me day of activities at Johnson on Monday. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.

Due to inclement weather, my flight into Minneapolis (where I was making a connection to Rochester) was  delayed. This resulted in me missing my connection to Rochester. Instead,  I was rebooked to Rochester via Detroit. I finally landed at Rochester at 11PM (7 hours later than originally planned), and instead of driving down to Ithaca that night, stayed in Rochester and drove down the following morning.

A few takeaways from my Johnson experience:

1. The people there are incredibly friendly. Not sure if ti’s an upstate NY thing, but everyone I met there – from the students, to the admissions office folks and the workers in the cafe were genuinely nice.

2. It’s a small and tight knit community. I was glad to see that Johnson went to great lengths to ensure that it’s student body was collaborative, friendly and close knit.

3. Ithaca, and the greater Cornell campus are really pretty. I just wish they were easier to get to!

I was interviewed by a second year student, and the interview was rather laid back. He did a great job of keeping things congenial and relaxed. The questions asked were pretty straightforward:

– Walk me through your resume.

– Why an MBA now? Why Johnson? Short and Long term goals?

– Leadership – what does it mean to you? Talk about your leadership skills.

– What research have you done about Johnson? I talked about the students I had reached out to etc…

– How will you contribute to the Johnson community?

– Do you have any questions for me?

The interview was semi-blind. He had my resume, and notes about my application written by an adcom member who had reviewed my application. My interview lasted about 50 mins.

I left the interview, and campus, happy with my Johnson experience. Now, I’ll just have to cross my fingers and wait.ric-flair-strut-o_zps79e47f67


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